Malaysian Payroll Guide 2022

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How it will help

Benefits for your company, your employees and you.

Stay up-to-date

Ensure compliance with ongoing statutory changes. No more unnecessary surprises when it's time to file tax.

Don’t get fined

Error in payroll may lead to fines, accurate payroll mitigates penalties and ensure a good reputation for your company.

Help yourself, help your team

Be up-to-date on the latest tax reliefs for your staff and you, from Personal Tax Reliefs to EPF Contributions and more.

What you will learn

The most complete payroll guide for Malaysian businesses.

The A to Z of Malaysian payroll, in this guide you’ll learn:

  • The latest statutory updates for 2022
  • Examples of calculating PCB
  • EPF exemption list
  • Tax reliefs for 2022

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Become a payroll expert today, download the most comprehensive payroll guide for Malaysian businesses.

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